Black Friday Preorder Shipping Update:

Black Friday Preorder Shipping Update:


Potential outcomes and contingencies are a driving force in everything we do here at Project Guardian. We believe in anticipating potential too, including getting ahead of any surprises that may affect you.

That’s why we’re emailing to let you know there may be a potential delay in your product being shipped due to disruptions in receiving all post manufactured products, as they may not arrive on the originally anticipated delivery date (By 1/7/22).

As we receive the remaining products (shirts, hoodies, & patches) we will update your order tracking/shipping page. We’re also looking at sending out orders that include stickers, hats, and older on-hand products e.g., Guardian Angel patches and Icon Hats if delays continue.

Please feel free to connect with us via email ( if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks for being a valued customer and supporter–we appreciate your patience.



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